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Obamapalooza – can the telecom infrastructure hold up?

Today is inauguration day and an unprecedented number of people are in DC and have been for the past couple of days. When President-Elect Obama becomes President Obama we will find out what its like when millions of people send text messages, MMS and upload vidoes/pictures to their favorite sites.

Will AT&T/T-Mobile/Verizon/Spring be able to hold up or will they come crashing down?
Today will be studied in the Telecom industry for years to come. They can use today’s data to find out just how much their infrastructure can hold in its current state, in a time of national celebration.

Two services I believe will really come to the forefront today are Qik and Twitter.

Qik is a website that lets you upload live video feeds to a Youtube-like website where random people or your friends can view video from your phone in REAL TIME. If you have not gotten this FREE service, get it today and try it. Wow is all I have to say.

Twitter which probably needs no introduction and other websites like it allow for easy communication between many people without sending 100 text messages to 100 people you send 1 message to everyone on your list. This is great for organizing people and doing it quickly.  This is also great for making sure a group of friends or a family don’t get lost in the 2 million plus crowd that is expected to at the inauguration.

Today is the inauguration of Barack Obama but it is also the beginning of the first tech savvy administration. I hope that we will see a level of unprecedented IT growth for the better of America and the world at the governmental level giving citizens a better way to interact with and be part of their government.