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Facebook needs a privacy based pricing model

If you haven’t heard what recently happened with Facebook then you should really read these articles, one from NYTimes and another from the Consumerist.  So basically Facebook has put the legal groundwork in place to keep your data forever.  What I do not like is the attempt they made to kind of back away from all the extra legalize, essentially saying it was a bunch of “mumbo-jumbo” so they can offer new services.  Last time I checked, legal documents were written in a general manner to cover the most ground possible.  If Facebook really wanted to only have specific rights then they could have easily put in the language to accomplish that.  Instead, they covered as much as possible until the end of the cosmos.  Don’t worry, I’m sure that there is a clause for them to own all your data in case the solar system colapses into a black hole, they wouldn’t want the unbreakable gravitational force of the blackhole to take away their ownership rights of your wedding pictures.

Does this seem kind of ridiculous to you?  I suggest a privacy based pricing model to replace the free to use Facebook owns everything model that is in place.  Currently this model exists because Facebook as a service is free even though they make a lot of money selling ads and other things to you based on the information you have put in and your usage statistics.  So essentially, that is your price.  You privacy and data for an online service.  So how much is your data worth?  I’d say its pretty valuable.  I suggest a model where users can opt to have their data not be searched by Facebook and stored in a secure manner for a low monthly fee.  Lets say 1-2 dollars max.  This way, Facebook gets money for a service, your data is safe and anyone that does not care about their data can receive the service for free knowing Facebook now owns whatever they post.  You can still be shown ads, but they would not be targeted in the manner that it is today.

What do you guys think?  Let me know and we’ll present this to Facebook!