The Doha Debates – Democracy vs money – new media?

At the latest round of the doha debates, there was interesting discussion of what is wanted more by people, democracy or economic comfort.  The link for it can be found here

The host was aggressive to say the least, but the egyptian blogger was actually the most successful out of the whole group in getting his point across.  He was extremely measured in his belief that blogs werent going to bring democracy to egypt, however,  it was holding parties more responsible which was a huge improvement in and of itself.  His point was that even in an autocracy, holding government accountable is much better than having no say at all.

And this is coming from a guy who is doing this in a place where there is very limited internet freedom, mostly due to self-censorship, however, he himself was subject to real life problems due to his internet actions.  Egypt it itself a great example of government being called to task by new media, even with all the censorship there, both real and perceived.

Anyways, check out the entire thing, pretty interesting…


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